Task Pane slow to load in Visual FoxPro

Have you ever noticed that the Task Pane in Visual FoxPro can be very slow when accessing the Community tab?  Well, I found the reason for this, and it’s easy to fix.

The issue has to  do with the deprecation of gotdotnet.com web site, which causes the Task Pane to load slowly. This can be fixed by deleting some rows of PaneContent.dbf:

I discovered this cause and the solution tucked away on a recent post by Olaf Doschke on Tek-Tips.com. Link here: http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1753811

4 thoughts on “Task Pane slow to load in Visual FoxPro”

  1. Thanks Matt. I have not used the Task Pane Manager much of late, but this always annoyed me. GotDotNet was the first site that hosted SednaX, which turned into VFPX on CodePlex and other sites.

  2. Thanks Matt, I still use the Task Pane occasionally for testing some web services, so this has been a real annoyance.

  3. Just a late note to this tip: The default location for that taskpane stuff is HOME(7) , therefor the first line should be:
    USE home(7)+’TaskPane\PaneContent’

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