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WPF Hole Patterns

After I got my head above water in C# and WPF back in 2008, I created and published a sample of my first C# work that used the WPF platform for the UI. See my WPF Hole Patterns application on CodePlex to take a look at some of the vector graphics that are possible with C#, as well as how clean and pretty a WPF UI can be.

WPF Hole Patterns app is a vector based, CAD-like geometry program for laying out circular and linear hole patterns. In all, between the app and the source code, I’ve had over 100 downloads, so hopefully, it’s been helpful to some curious developers to see what they can learn from my efforts. I’ve since ported the app to Silverlight and used it as a practice field for learning the basics of the MVVM pattern. If you’d like the latest version in Silverlight, just drop me an email.

Another Example

You can also another great example (much better than mine) by checking out this Silverlight Live Geometry app on CodePlex. It’s another vector based drawing program intended to show off the Silverlight vector canvas. You can find a live version of the app at the Codeplex site, or here:

Both apps include full source code in C# and can be a helpful too in learning some geometry-based programming in C#, as well as WPF and Silverlight drawing.