Sublime Text 2 syntax coloring for FoxPro code

I’m constantly reviewing text editors for coding in various programming languages and environments. Recently, Sublime Text 2 has gotten a lot of buzz, so I decided to give it a try, and I eventually wound up testing it on FoxPro code.

It’s got a nice Folder View panel on the side, tabbed edit windows, and tons of cool keyboard shortcuts for doing fancy editor tricks, but the first thing I missed was seeing the beautiful FoxPro language in colorized syntax. So, I dug in to learn how to write a syntax file and added all the keywords that are used in the semi-popular NotePad++ syntax file…

You can download the latest version and read instructions from my GitHub repo:


Here’s what it looks like so far:


To be fair, the same thing is possible in NotePad++, it just doesn’t look as cool:


2 thoughts on “Sublime Text 2 syntax coloring for FoxPro code”

  1. Matt, I’d appreciate a copy of this and I appreciate you working on it. I too think Sublime Text 2 has a much better look to it than Notepad++. I use Textpad mainly but I really like what they’re doing with Sublime.

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