New domain highlights plastic shredders

Plastic Shredder Equipment

Having recently acquired the domain, we’ve begun adding content to a few pages on the new site to highlight the special capabilities of our twin shaft shredders to the shredding of plastic materials. Many manufacturing process today deal with plastics or similar materials like HDPE or PVC, and every one of them require shredding or grinding of the plastic materials at some point to prepare them for extruding, molding, or other manufacturing process. These heavy duty twin shaft shredders are designed for high production rates and offer flexibility in particle size by changing the cutting knives or screens. In contrast to many foreign equipment options like those listed at, these machines are manufactured in the United States using precision CNC machines. Videos are available on the site which show the shredders at work in many test cases like plastic buckets, shredding hoses, plastic films and other materials.


Value in reclaiming scrap materials

In many plastics manufacturing processes, once the parts or material is complete, it’s often necessary to shred or grind these materials to allow them to be recycled or reused in the manufacturing process. The value of this oil-based material is is quite high and increases in direct proportion to the cost of oil. Therefore, most production lines require a shredder or high speed grinder to prepare the material for further processing. We wanted to break out a special site dedicated to dual shaft shredders and how they can be used in plastic grinding and shredder systems to help with the growing focus on “going green” and clean manufacturing.

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