Industrial Shredders and Tire Shredders are on the move

I’ve been at Jordan Machine Company for about 18 years now, and for many of those years we have been a key vendor to what is now Jordan Reduction Solutions – a manufacturer who designs and installs heavy duty industrial shredders, tire shredder (like the PT-6000 Passenger Tire Shredder).

All of these machines are really quite impressive in their brute force way of ripping and tearing apart anything you throw at them. You can see several impressive videos on their web site on the shredder videos page.


For instance, the granulator machine is for fine shredding and grinding of materials like plastic, PVC, wood, and just about anything else you throw at it.  These are the smallest of all the machines, and cut with a high-speed rotor machine from solid steel, and has replaceable hardened knives that can be swapped out when the wear.

Tire Shredder

I’ve personally stood over a tire shredder and looked into the cutting chamber while it ripped up a car tire in seconds and dropped out little bits of rubber through the discharge screen. The sound is absolutely incredible; like something you’d hear in a scary movie. They can shred up the whole tire all at once, even that heavy bead that’s on the inside where the tire mounts to the rim.

Rubber Grinder

Some of the rubber grinder machines can even separate the wire out of the rubber, since that is required in some applications. The tire rubber (sometimes called “tire shreds” or “crumb rubber”) is used for a variety of things from Tire Derived Fuel to manufacturing rubber hoses and mats, to playground coverings. Jordan doesn’t market the rubber products that these machines generate, they just specialize in helping companies get the tires shredded up.

Hog Mill and Hog Grinder

These Grinders machines were once actually called “hog mills” or “hog grinders” because way back in time, they were commonly used to grind up, well, hogs for the food processing industry. These days they have become very popular for other industrial grinding applications like plastic grinding. These machines were originally designed and sold by Mitts and Merrill, so many of them would be known by that brand.

Twin Shaft Shredder

Then there are the dual shaft, or, twin shaft shredders. These machines have two shafts, rotating in opposite directions, and each shafts is loaded full of thick cutting knives with hooks on them to grab the product and pull it into the machine, chop it up, and discharge it out the bottom. The shafts are hex shaped, and the knives also have an internal hex shape so they can be driven by the shafts. The machines typically rotate at slower speeds, and they can also be equipped with screens to filter and refine the product size that comes out of the shredding process. Other ways to refine the process include using thinner knives, or adding more hooks onto the knives, and even altering the reach of each hook to grab more or less of the product being processed.

Wrapping up

They also have plenty of shredding equipment set up in a test lab where customers send in samples of product they’d like to be shredded up into various sizes. I’ve seen them chop up carpet scraps, entire wooden pallets, and they can even grind up large bails of rubber and various plastics into small shavings or pellets. The machines use a qualifying screen to determine the final particle size, so they can swap out the screens and achieve different output.

So that’s a little info on what it’s like to be involved in the shredder industry. Jordan Reduction Solutions is a great company to work with for your shredding, chopping, and grinding needs for industrial applications. Please check them out at the links I provided at the top of this article.

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