How to convert metric limits and fits

Basically, head over to this link: convert-or-lookup-metric-limits-and-fits

They have a simple web tool that will convert lookup metric limits and fits from the metric standards book!

Now, for the background…

Metric Limits and Fits Tolerances

Converting a metric limit or fit designation can be a real pain. A mechanical drawing may have a metric size and tolerance like “50e6” or “80 H8/f7”. What in the world does that mean? Well, there are tons of charts all over the internet to show you the amounts to add and subtract to a basic size for a give limit specification. However, it takes a ton of time drag out the charts or a book and look up all the numbers. Plus, the whole process is error-prone; one small mistake and you’ve just created some bad data.


Convert from metric to inches

Also, in our machine shop business, after we complete the conversion process on the metric sizes and limits, we usually convert them to inches to help out with production on the shop floor.


Web software to the rescue…

Well, let me point you to a site where you can actually lookup and convert metric limits and fits right from your web browser: Give this wonderful tool a try on the Design or Convert tab on the page, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this.

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