Go To File – A quick Open File dialog for Visual Foxpro

Here’s a new tool I’ve written for Foxpro to add a cool feature for quickly opening a file by entering part of its filename. It’s a fast heads-down way to navigate files in your Project or the Current Directory. Just type a few characters of the filename and it will begin to filter the list of files based on a partial match. When you see the file you want, just click on it, or use the arrows keys and press enter. You can also filter on basic file types such as SCX, VCX, PRG, and FRX.

Think of it as a quick way that you can tell FoxPro “Hey, I want to open a file… I know part of the filename, but I want you to find it for me.”

For now, you can download it here: Download GoToFile.zip (Note: future updates may be posted on VFPx in the Thor Tool Repository package.)

Please send comments or suggestions to me in the comments area at the bottom of this post.

This tool is just a basic FoxPro form that can be invoked from the command window, added to your custom menu, or invoked by a keyboard macro. However, I recommend invoking it with the new Thor add-in manager for Visual Foxpro. You can learn more about Thor here: Thor add-in manager for Visual FoxPro. Once you have Thor installed in VFP, you can just drop these files into the “Tools” folder and then you will see GoToFile in the tool list where you can easily assign a hotkey to it.



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