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imageI attended BarCamp Birmingham 5 on Saturday, August 6 2011. This was my first time attending an un-conference, also known as a “user conference”. In a BarCamp conference, the sessions are proposed on the morning of the conference by attendees who have a topic they’d like to share. Each topic is recorded on a sticky note, and then a very informal “vote” occurs to select the session list for the day. I was a little skeptical of sacrificing a full day away from my family to attend a conference where I could not review the sessions ahead of time. However, I was very pleased with the sessions, speakers, and attendees. The entire event was great, and I was inspired by many of the speakers who were obviously as passionate about their careers and work in the software field as I am.

There were 111 registrants for the conference. It was held and UAB School of Business and Engineering complex. Every attendee received a BarCamp Birmingham T-shirt, free soft drinks, and and free lunch from Jim-N-Nick’s. The twitter hashtag is #BarCampBham.

Below, I’ve recorded the sessions that were chosen, and have listed the speaker’s name and contact info for the ones that I could reconstruct. I took iPhone photos of the sticky notes that were arranged to lay out the schedule.

If you can help me fill in any of the missing speaker info, please ping me with the information.

Morning Sessions





Room 1 The Hitchhikers Guide to Web Development at Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
WordPress Optimization for Shared Host Environments.

Paul OFlaherty

Into to PhoneGap
Matt R.
5 Things You Should Know About PhotoShop
Tammy Hart
Room 2 Basics of SEO
Cathy Reisenwitz
Non-Technical Intro to Google+
Dave Barger
Tips From a PM:
4 reasons why programmers should NEVER talk to clients.
Daniel Walters
Group Discussion on Gamification.
Room 3 Start-ups and Screw-ups – How to Beat the Odds
Andra Walker
Filming, Editing, and Publishing Great Videos on the iPod and iPhone With No $
Chris Davis
Convergence Trends and Relevancy of the Modern Still Image
Josh Self
Brief History of Japanese Occupation of Taiwan

Jason Chucong

Afternoon Sessions





Room 1 Discussion Group –
How to Grow the Digital Community
Chris Davis
Cutting the Chord – Ways to get rid of cable and Direct TV
Kevin Gatgens
5 “Guidelines” of Improv
Capt. Daniel Walters
PCI Compliance – Risks and why it’s so hard to achieve
Matt Hellinger
Room 2 Open Source – What I’ve learned: – Git
– JavaScript
Tom Brander
Conversation about Mobile Design and UX
Brian Cauble
There is NO Tablet Market
Matt Hellinger
Critical Thinking 098 – How to start being less sure and more right
M. Alvis
Room 3 Discussion – What is AWESOME?


CSS – Advanced and Intro
Brian Moon
HTML Email
– Design
– Strategy
– Code

Slide DeckJulia Anderson
Idea Driven Design
Giovanni DiFeterici

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I did the WordPress Optimization for Shared Hosts talk (@pauloflaherty). Thanks.

    I don’t believe we got to talk at Barcamp, we’ll have to catch up at the next one 🙂

  2. I did the cutting the cord presentation and my twitter address @kgatgens

    Thanks for posting the schedule

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